Body Mind Relation - Floating Dance

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The implementation of the video for Body Mind Relation’s “Floating Dance” would involve a montage style, utilizing footage that I personally shot while on vacation in the USA. I would use Adobe Premiere Pro as my editing software to bring the footage together and create a cohesive visual story.

The video would start with establishing shots of the various locations where I filmed, such as beaches, parks, and cityscapes.


Body Mind Relation


Music Videoclip

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Breaf & idea.

The “Floating Dance” music video is a dynamic representation of Body Mind Relation’s music and energy.

Perfect for use on their website, social media, and music festival promotion, this video is an effective marketing tool for attracting new fans and bookings.

To add an extra layer of visual interest, I would incorporate hyperlapse effects to create a sense of movement and flow throughout the video.
These effects would involve using a steadycam or tripod to capture smooth and steady footage, and then speeding it up in post-production to create a time-lapse effect.


The final video would be a perfect representation of the band’s music and energy, making it a great addition to their promotion portfolio. It could be used on their website, social media, and in music festivals, and it would be an excellent marketing tool to attract new fans and bookings.

The use of montage style, footage shot on location in the USA, and hyperlapse effects would create a sense of movement and flow throughout the video, making it visually engaging and captivating for viewers.