Kissinsky - Wolny Człowiek

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As a visual motion designer, my task is to create a music video that combines videoclips with typography and graphics effects to enhance the overall visual experience. The video will be synced to the music and use various motion design techniques to create a visually engaging and dynamic piece.




Music Videoclip

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Breaf & idea.

The idea for this music video is to showcase the artist’s unique style and sound through a series of visually striking and imaginative scenes.

The video will utilize a mix of live-action footage, animation, and typography to tell a story and convey the artist’s message. The overall aesthetic will be bold and colorful, with a focus on creating a sense of movement and energy.


The final product will be a visually stunning music video that effectively communicates the artist’s unique style and message. The use of videoclips, typography, and graphics effects will create a dynamic and engaging visual experience that will appeal to a wide audience.

The video will be a powerful tool for promoting the artist and their music, and will help to establish them as a creative and exciting force in the music industry.