Łzy - Zabawa,Zabawa,Zabawa

Music Video / 31.12.2022


The idea for the music video for “Zabawa, zabawa, zabawa” by the well-known Polish band “Łzy” came to Adrian (member of band) quite by accident. I found a fun and colorful project design in After Effects on the internet. All I had to do was insert a photo of a silly face and the person became an eccentric, animated dancer.




Design, Music Video, Reels

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Breaf & idea.

“After presenting the idea to the band, it became clear that this is how the video for the song that closes the album “Miłość w czasach samotności” (Love in Times of Loneliness) would look like. It turned out that a cool music video can be relatively cheap with a little talent. Of course, if I knew how to use the aforementioned program better. We entrusted the professional realization of the material to Adrian Listwan, while my role ended with photographing the silly faces of the rest of the band. The video didn’t cost a million coins, but the effect exceeded our expectations.”

The idea for the music video was to create a visually striking and entertaining experience that complements the song. This involved finding a concept or theme that would be fitting and interesting to the audience, and then using the capabilities of the software to bring that concept to life.


The final result of the montage and visual motion production was a polished and engaging music video that effectively conveyed the desired theme or concept. The use of animation and dynamic visuals helped to enhance the overall viewing experience and added an extra layer of interest to the video.

Overall, the final product met and exceeded its expectations, and received positive feedback from audiences and the band members.