Łukasz Granek - Time

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The implementation of the music video for Łukasz Granek’s song “Time” would involve creating a visual narrative that showcases a ballet dancer struggling with pain, but still persevering through it.
The montage would include footage of the dancer rehearsing and performing, intercut with shots of her experiencing pain and overcoming it. The overall theme of the video would be the power of determination and the ability to push through difficult times.

Łukasz Granek


Music Videoclip

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Breaf & idea.

The idea behind the video is to showcase the dedication and hard work that goes into becoming a professional ballet dancer, and how even the best dancers must endure pain and injury in order to achieve their goals. 

The video is shot in a stylized, cinematic way to create a sense of drama and emotion. The music would be used to underscore the dancers’ movements and emotions.


The final video is a powerful and dynamic visual  representation of the song “Time” with a strong narrative that showcases the dedication and perseverance of the ballet dancer.
The montage and use of music work together to create a sense of drama and emotion, leaving the viewer with inspiration and motivation.

The final video will be the best way to connect the music with the story and the audience.