Perfect & Adrenalina - Naiwny Sen

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The Band is called “Perfect & Adrenalina”. The Band was created after departure of Grzegorz Markowski from “Perfect”. The band is organized by the “Perfect” fan club “Adrenalina” and will feature live performances by members of “Perfect”, including Ryszard Sygitowicz, Jacek Krzaklewski, and Mietek Jurecki. The concert will also feature guest musicians, including Bartosz “Bratek” Wójcik, Piotrek Skóra, and Krzysztof “Junior” Żurek.

The song “Naiwny sen” montage by the band Perfect with Adrenalina was created using Premier Pro’s video editing software. The overall aesthetic of the montage is black and white, which adds a sense of nostalgia and emotion to the visuals. The footage for the montage was shot in various locations, which adds a unique element to the final product.


Perfect & Adrenalina


Music Videoclip

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Breaf & idea.

The idea behind the montage was to capture the emotions and feelings conveyed in the song “Naiwny sen” through a series of black and white visuals. The band’s music is known for its emotional and powerful lyrics, the montage was designed to reflect that.

The montage was also created to showcase the different places that were shot during the pandemic, highlighting the challenges and changes we all experienced during that time.


The final product is a montage that perfectly captures the emotions and feelings of the song “Naiwny sen” by Perfect with Adrenalina. The black and white aesthetic adds a sense of nostalgia and emotion to the visuals, adds a unique and powerful element to the montage.

Overall, the montage successfully communicated the song’s message and emotions to the audience.